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We here at ADB pride ourselves in bringing the professionalism and experience of a large contractor to residential projects. We want you to have an outdoor living space that lasts many, many years and looks great all the while. We will explain to you what needs to be done to build your new deck system or revitalize  your current deck, for many years of enjoyment and at a very competitive price.


A great deck always starts with a great plan. All decks are not created equal and the important thing to remember is that every deck is different. Not only does the design of the deck and the way it’s put together affect the long term health and appearances, but there are also differences in the types of lumber that is used to build the deck. The environment surrounding your deck also plays a major role in what battles it will fight during its lifetime.


Your Deck & home are your sanctuaries, places for relaxing and spending quality time with friends and family. The outdoor space you’ve created is your escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. You want to kick back and enjoy those sunrises, sunsets or just relax and enjoy your surroundings.


Here is what we will do for you:

  • Build you a new deck.

  • Help you come up with an exciting new look.

  • Remove or replace rotten wood from your original deck.

  • Replace or repair steps and handrails.

So what are you waiting for send us a message or give us a call!



Our custom designed docks are both practical and unique with designs set to accommodate our client’s specific needs. It is important to start with a strong base; therefore we take the time to ensure the pylons and cross beams are properly set, leveled and aligned. Our team uses modern vibrating hammer drivers to securely embed each and every pylon into a secure setting. Once this is complete, another area evaluation will be made to test the stability of each set. We use stainless steel/galvanized hardware to ensure the longevity of the build. If you are getting a spot-repair, we remove all damaged areas, reinforce any weak spots, and inspect the final result to ensure your dock is returned to its original pristine condition. 

We will give it a new and modern look that your neighbors will be envious of!

*We can also install a recessed catwalk for easy docking and boarding. We can install your boat or ski jet lifts and maybe even a partially roofed and reinforced platform to support your future entertainment area*.



A seawall, also known as a bulkhead or a retaining wall, provides a barrier between land and water to protect against erosion. The best design, materials, and construction methods for seawalls and bulkheads are determined by your property type and need.

In planning a bulkhead build or repair our design team works with our engineer to assess the unique needs of your project. We look at all aspects of the job including the proximity of your house to your bulkhead, the density of your soil, and whether the work will be best done from land or water. From there, we will repair or rebuild your bulkhead to meet your personal requirements. 

There are a wide variety of walls based on the conditions, and using an experienced contractor will insure you are properly protecting your property. 

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